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Check out the amazing Mini V1 brass - Blue puzzle. This luxurious mini puzzle is the smallest one we've ever made, and it's extremely addictive. It's perfect for solving on the go or challenging friends and family. The brass SE model is twice as heavy and twice as luxurious as the aluminum Blue weighing 45g (130g with packaging material). 


Despite being one-third the size of the original REVOMAZE, this mini puzzle packs a serious challenge. With the improved pin design, assembly is much faster and easier. Puzzle enthusiasts, you won't want to miss out on the incredible Revo mini.


Mini V1 brass - Blue puzzle

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    1. 1 x Mini V1 puzzle - Brass Blue (BU) please note, the mini isn't engraved with a number. 
    • Released: Sept, 2019.
    • Level: introductory.
    • Rating: 50 / 100.
    • Average solve: 5 – 7 hours.
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