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We've created the luxurious mini V1 brass blue puzzle for the first time, the smallest Revomaze ever made. The Revo mini is the ideal pocket companion; solve on the go or with friends and family; it's addictive and difficult to put down. Its sibling to the traditional aluminium Revo Mini, both puzzles are ideal fidget accessories and fully functional.


The brass SE (special edition) model is twice as heavy as the aluminium model and twice as luxurious. 45g in weight (130g with packaging material). The Revo Mini is exactly one-third the size of the original Revomaze, to give you an idea of how small it is.


The pin now stays within the sleeve, allowing for much faster assembly and avoiding small pin failure, which is a common problem. Despite the fact that the design is standard Blue, the puzzle sensitivity is much higher than the original.


Mini V1 Brass Blue Puzzle

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    • Released: 2019.
    • Level: beginner.
    • Difficulty rating: 50 / 100.
    • Average time to solve: 4 – 6 hours.