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Solve the VAULT-CODE with our precision-engineered product line

Join us on a wonderful journey filled with multiple challenges that will be highly rewarding and mind stimulating from beginning to end. The VAULTMAZE quest is under development using our most precision engineered components yet.

2 options to choose from:

Become part of the VAULTMAZE puzzle journey...



The upgrade from the STANDARD includes everything you need to make the 19 cores permanently useful for solving or displaying puzzles without having to switch them out, as well as a deluxe VAULTMAZE stand to put them on.


Pay upfront and receive the products over time, this is an alternative option to paying over the 6 months payment plan. The series 1 of VAULTMAZE has been reduced to 75 sets due to our machining capacity at this time. 

*When HEXDUKO is solved, you have deciphered the VAULT-CODE and can access the VAULTMAZE competition, where further instructions will be given on your next endeavour...

Unlocking the VAULT-CODE with HEXDUKO requires the STARTER PACK. All of the components needed to create your first maze are included in the precisely cut foam pack. The STARTER PACK is a great place to start if you're not sure which payment option to go with because it gives you the opportunity to review the experience of building and solving your first maze.

What's inside the box? 

  • 6 RevoRings, 1 start ring, 1 end ring, 1 base body, 1 nut, 1 drawbar, 1 certificate bar, 1 x 1.5 mm hex screwdriver, 1 pot (to store pins) & 1 thank you card

*The STARTER PACK is provided on the first month, when you purchase a plan. It provides all essential components to assemble one maze core.

Maze 48 can be discussed and shared with the community. Please note, we request the remaining 18 mazes are kept confidential for competition purposes.

Payment plan benefits

  • Great discounts

Expand your VAULTMAZE collection at a discounted price until you've received all of the products included in your payment plan. It'll create one giant puzzle in which you can solve HEXDUKO to unlock the VAULT-CODE or proudly show your collection of hard work and memorabilia.

  • Receive 19 Revomaze's

By the end of your payment plan, you'll have a pool of 114 RevoRings to proudly display, that make up 19 never-before-seen mazes for you to find and build...

Subscribers will get the SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (20-RING) for free after the VAULT is opened. A mega-blind puzzle to solve like the REVOMAZE series, except it's much bigger, and there's many more paths to navigate through...

  • Special groups

Join the VAULTMAZE forum, see announcements, engage with other VAULTMAZERS on the same journey, see other members' badges, and share progress with other users through our website's special groups.

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