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Our story

Following the success of the 'REVOMAZE' series, our small team has invented a new way of puzzling with the most precisely engineered products we've made yet...


The 'REVOMAZE' journey




On Boxing Day 2008, 32 years after he was inspired by a trip to Hampton Court Maze and a mistake during his engineering apprenticeship, the puzzle inventor, Christopher Pitt designed the very first maze called Blue V1.



Initially, there were 12 Blue's released on eBay in February 2009, selling for £60 each, which very quickly attracted a worldwide following.

The all-new
V4's 🥳


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To discover more about the REVOMAZE and how it works, we recommend clicking the button below. If you're looking for a puzzle for yourself or someone you know, please sign up for the in-stock notifier on the product site, or browse the Discord and second-hand market on eBay and Puzzle Paradise.

Throughout the years of manufacturing puzzles, we have enjoyed reading the reviews our customers have shared with us, and below are just a few of their quality feedback.

Reviews written on

Chris, USA

“Absolutely incredible. Although it takes dozens of hours to solve you’re always making incremental progress (well usually, outside of the pool-HA) because of this you’re never really frustrated with this puzzle, you’re enjoying every single minute of this. 10/10.”


Gertjan, Netherlands

“The Revomaze puzzles are really awesome and help me calm myself down during frustrating times. They are in all sorts of difficulties, from a few hour challenges (also suitable for children) up to a challenge that can take you weeks or even months to solve (for puzzle experts).”
Ewan, UK

“Top quality puzzle, with beautiful packaging. Well done guys I am seriously impressed.”

Chris Pitt - puzzle inventor

Discover the new era of puzzles, as described by engineer and puzzle inventor Chris Pitt...

"Solve the innovative 3D mechanical jigsaw puzzle to open the VAULT, where a special reward takes the user back to the original solution.

VAULTMAZE contains 19 unique puzzles that contain the VAULT-CODE to open the VAULT.

Using the Revomaze design principle, you construct the mazes from a pool of 114 rings to make each fully working static maze.

In addition to the rings, by adding the start and end rings you can turn your maze into a complete 19 Revomaze Puzzles.

Once you believe you have found a maze, you can assemble it onto a drawbar and test it in a sleeve. By using HEXDUKO you need to identify the code to open the VAULT, gaining access, where the real challenge begins.


You will receive an opening coin with the opening position engraved and your username added to the roll of honour which will be on the website. A great reward to opening the VAULT is an 20 RING GOLIATH SUPER MAZE already assembled for you to open blind, the best part it's included in all plans.

The complete, beautifully British-engineered puzzle will become a great addition to your collection, along with you having identified and solved 19 Revomaze Puzzles along the way...

By not seeing the maze, we discovered just how much of a challenge this would be. But to have the same wow factor, we needed many different mazes and a theme to join them together. VAULTMAZE was the result, and we would restrict this unique puzzle to just 75 players at this time due to the extremely precise engineering required and to make sure we are not scaling beyond our capacity."

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 14.38.21.png

The 'VAULTMAZE' journey





In July, the new concept, inspired by our 'REVOMAZE' series, was brought to life. The team began planning and designing, and after various meetings, the new product began to unfold...




In November, we discussed the objective of the puzzle along with the name, slogan, and logo. After a lot of trial and error, we came to the finalised results, which we all felt very proud of.



Rethinking the way 
we operate...

We machine and ship our products all over the world from an industrial unit based in Cumbria in the UK. Our very small but dedicated team works together to create intricately designed puzzles for our passionate customer base to enjoy and stimulate their minds. Our main EMCO E25 machine allows us to produce high-quality products in-house.

We partner with suppliers who allow us to work more efficiently, our team receives on-the-job training and experience to broaden our creativity. We can send our products to over 130 countries around the world thanks to shipping services.

Our goal is to improve the way we manufacture and provide puzzles. VAULTMAZE was created with a similar appeal as our original Revomaze Puzzles, to be more cost effective and accessible, while also providing value for money and a rewarding experience from beginning to end.


Home of Revo HQ
Ulverston, Cumbria


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