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VAULTMAZE collection

How can we help?

  • Do I have to enter the competition?
    It is not compulsory to enter the competition, if this is the case the STANDARD PAYMENT PLAN would be an ideal choice, we offer three different payment plans to try our best to suit everyone's interests.
  • Can I cancel my payment plan at any time?
    Yes, you can cancel your payment plan at any time. You can do this by clicking on your account and navigating to your payment plan, where there will be the option to cancel. ​ If you don't see the option to cancel, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you. ​ Important note: if you wish to cancel, please be aware we don't issue refunds, and you will still receive the products you have paid for.
  • How do the payment plans work?
    When you purchase any of the three payment plans, payment will be taken on the same date and time that you initially paid each month. This payment will reoccur for the full plan unless cancelled. Please note, if you wish to cancel, we don't offer refunds and you will receive the products you've paid for. Inside your delivery, you will receive a pack of 18 rings, 3 start, and 3 end rings, as well as any extras in your chosen payment plan (please read the payment plan page carefully).
    Our payment plans have been carefully crafted to suit the unique tastes of our subscribers. We understand the importance of having options, which is why we offer the HEXDUKO PUZZLE in each of our plans. Participation in our competition is completely optional, and we want you to enjoy your VAULTMAZE journey to the fullest.
  • In the LUXURY ENHANCED COLLECTORS PAYMENT PLAN, does everything come in a wooden box?
    You will receive one luxury box per pack. In the first delivery, you will receive your STARTER PACK in a luxury box, thereafter you will receive the boxes individually.
  • What does each payment plan mean?
    We offer 3 payment plans for you to choose from to suit our customers' interests. Payment plans allow us to strictly stick to a fixed production schedule, with investment from our subscribers who enable us to produce this high-precision puzzle. ​ STANDARD - ideal for puzzlers who will enjoy the rewarding buzz of finding the mazes and putting them together with sight, or without sight, perfect for Revomaze enthusiasts. The challenge is remembering the maze once you put it into a sleeve to solve blindly. ENHANCED COLLECTORS - perfect for puzzlers who would like to enter the competition and play HEXDUKO to solve the VAULT-CODE using the unique RevoRings. ​ LUXURY ENHANCED COLLECTORS - ultimate choice for collectors who are keen on collecting the premium VAULTMAZE range, arriving in beautiful mahogany cases on a monthly basis.
  • What is the competition?
    The competition entails the solver to organise and build all 19 Revomaze's, which can be placed onto the VAULTMAZE STAND for display purposes, or by solving HEXDUKO PUZZLE to work out the VAULT-CODE, once verified, you have unlocked the VAULT and can now enter the competition if you desire... To enter the competition, you must purchase a payment plan of your preference. In each pack you receive there will be 18 rings and maze core components (if part of your plan) to solve and build. To solve the HEXDUKO you do this by looking at the unique number on each ring, which relates to each other and will help you figure out their correct positions on the HEXDUKO PUZZLE. To decrease the difficulty, you can assemble them into mazes first to discover which group of six RevoRings goes together. ​ Once all RevoRings have been issued, we will notify the location of the STARTER PACK on the board. From this, you will be able to position all other RevoRings to identify the maze number. This will be needed to gain access to the VAULT. ​ Once you believe all of the rings are correctly positioned and have received confirmation from the VAULTMAZE team, you will be granted access inside the VAULT, where subscribers will receive the free SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (18-RING) it is triple the size of a standard Revomaze and an enormous yet rewarding challenge to defeat...are you ready? DISCLAIMER: there will be no additional fees or purchases once you enter the VAULT.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We have three different types, chosen based on the interests of our customers. In order to make a decision, please click "shop all" followed by "payment plans."
  • How can I contact you?
    Please don't hesitate to contact us at or through live chat on our website; we're always happy to help. Please be aware that during business hours it may take up to 24 hours and that during busier times it may take up to 48 hours to respond.
  • Do you have a physical store?
    We sell our products from our online store only, we are a small family business based in Cumbria in the UK. We manufacture, design and ship our products from our work-spaces, with the help of suppliers.
  • What is VAULTMAZE?
    VAULTMAZE is a developing collection of nineteen unique mazes that form one large, entertaining puzzle. The VAULT theme requires the user to solve the HEXDUKO PUZZLE, a sudoku essenced puzzle, in turn to unlock the VAULT-CODE. Previously, the Revomaze's were described as a 'lock' or 'safe' where tiny valuables could be stored, which inspired the concept of the VAULT. It is part of the same family as our original Revomaze Puzzles, which is a metal core engraved with a maze that is hidden by a cylindrical sleeve and must be opened without sight, varying in colours and difficulty levels. To get a better idea of what the Revomaze's like, we recommend watching Mr. Puzzle's review on YouTube. (please be aware that it contains a Blue spoiler). The essence of Revomaze is retained in VAULTMAZE, but with a twist. The goal of our collection of 19 mazes, which are sliced into 114 RevoRings, is to create the mazes using the rings. You will unlock the VAULT by completing our series of challenges, such as finding the correct mazes and solving HEXDUKO that'll grant you a never-seen-before reward...the SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (20-RING).
  • What is the HEXDUKO PUZZLE?
    HEXDUKO PUZZLE is a mathematical board, solved by using your RevoRings identification number, which in order to unlock the VAULT you must decipher. ​ HEXDUKO is made up of 19 large hex tiles, each tile consists of six ring spaces and one hex space in the middle, carefully thought out to be a challenge and crafted in-house at Revo HQ. ​ You must use the numbers on each ring to discover their relationships, which will allow you to discover their correct position on the HEXDUKO PUZZLE. Once you believe they are in the correct position, you can contact the VAULTMAZE team, who will either confirm or deny. If you are correct, you will be given entry to the VAULT where our subscribers will get a spectacular reward: the never-seen-before SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (20-RING) that'll come fully assembled, and in a sleeve to solve blindly.
  • How can I keep up to date?
    You can find us on social media, where we like to share behind-the-scenes of what we get up to. Announcements and plenty of historical information can be found on our VM and RM forums, as well as in our email newsletter, where we occasionally share a brief summary of what's been going on or special offers, and there is an active Discord server full of welcoming and helpful people from all over the world.
  • What tips do you advise for putting my VAULTMAZE core together?
    When it comes to assembling your 6 rings plus 1 start and 1 end ring, we advise keeping all components on a towel for example or small bags, to prevent the likelihood of losing any small parts. With your 1.5mm hex screwdriver, this is essential for tightening the 2 grub screws into place at the beginning and the end. Please ensure the grub screws are tightly screwed in before moving on to the next step. Before holding your rings, we would strongly advise wearing any type of glove for extra protection, please be cautious when handling as the rings may have sharp edges. Once you have arranged the order of the rings and you are happy to proceed, the next step is to gather your pins to start stacking them into place one by one. You may find that using your hands is preferable, or instead tweezers, either on or off the drawbar (this is preference and no right or wrong way of doing it) once the rings are stacked and you want to hold it into place, the grub screw on the end ring is ready to be screwed in and the maze is now ready to be displayed, or solved in our VAULTMAZE RETRACTABLE PIN SLEEVE or TESTING SLEEVE. Now it's time to enjoy the fun adventure that awaits...
  • What is the VAULTMAZE STAND?
    The VAULTMAZE STAND is a deluxe way of displaying your fully assembled mazes. At the end of your payment plan, you can present the hard work and dedication you put into assembling the mazes, it makes great memorabilia. The stand is included if you purchase the ENHANCED COLLECTORS/LUXURY ENHANCED COLLECTORS PAYMENT PLAN.
  • Will I receive all of the rings needed to create all mazes?
    With our three payment plan options, you will receive all 114 RevoRings to create the 19 mazes by the end of your payment plan.
  • Do you need the HEXDUKO PUZZLE?
    The HEXDUKO PUZZLE we provide is not compulsory, you may have your own way of arranging your rings or have the ability to make your own. The reason we offer this is so there is an option for those who don't have these abilities and want something made by Revo HQ, specifically from the VAULTMAZE collection.
  • Why is there a small number of inventory?
    Since we have a small manufacturing team and produce most of our products internally, we try to maintain smaller stock levels to be able to meet demand, while we are currently trying to increase this in the future.
  • Do I need the STARTER PACK?
    Yes, this is essential if you would like to enter the competition. The STARTER PACK now comes with all payment plans for the first month and inside the STARTER PACK you receive 6 RevoRings, 1 x start ring, 1 x end ring, 1 x base body, 1 x nut, 1 x drawbar, 1 x certificate bar, 1 x 1.5 mm hex screwdriver, 1 x pot (to store pins) and x 1 thank you card which all fit together to create a fully functional maze. The key to getting to this maze is through the STARTER PACK, and without it, the VAULT cannot be opened.
  • How can I convey my interest in a product that is unavailable?
    If a product is out of stock, you can enter your name and email address to be added to the in-stock notifier list to be notified when it becomes available again.
  • Do the colours matter on the VAULTMAZE STAND?
    The colours are for aesthetics only and add to the look if you want to display it in your collection. At the moment, they represent each layer, but this may change later.
  • Will I receive duplicate rings?
    You will not receive duplicate rings; instead, each month, each subscriber will receive the same rings jumbled together to make it more challenging; you will receive all of the rings required to complete the 19 mazes.
  • Do you accept returns?
    If you would like to send an item for repair, please contact us first, and we will assess the issue before asking you to send it back to us. Usually, we will only ask you to return it if we believe there unfortunately isn't another solution.
  • To make a purchase, do I need an account?
    Yes, you must create an account before you can place an order or join the site's forum.
  • Can I add items to an order?
    You can add items to your order if the item is available and your order hasn't shipped yet, this can be a prefered method to save on shipping costs.
  • Will I receive a tracking number once my order has shipped?
    Yes, as soon as your item has left us and has been marked as 'fulfilled,' you will receive an email with shipping confirmation and your tracking number to let you know it's on its way.
  • If there is a delay with my order, will you get in touch with me?
    Yes certainly, if there are any delays, we will let our customers know as soon as we can. If your order takes longer than expected, we will also keep you updated through email.
  • Can you hold an order?
    If you are going to be away when the shipment is due to ship, we can hold it for you until you are back.
  • Can I update my shipping address?
    If you wish to update your shipping address, this can be done via your account. To make any edits to an order you've placed, please contact us, and we can update it manually for you.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we ship to more than 100 countries all over the world, if you cannot see your country at the checkout, please contact us, and we will look into this further, or we will add it if possible.
  • What if there is a delay with my shipment en route?
    If your tracking number indicates that your item is stuck or not moving, please contact us, and we will contact the shipping carrier as quickly as possible to gather further details. We will do our best to fix this, but if we are unable to, we will find another solution for you.
  • Do I need to pay for duties or taxes?
    Please keep in mind that the price shown on the website does not include duties and taxes, the receiver is responsible to pay for this. International shipments may be subject to duties and taxes depending on your country's import duty rate; the shipping carrier will contact you if this is the case; please keep in mind that this excludes sales under £135.00.
  • What is the difference between the VAULTMAZE RETRACTABLE PIN SLEEVE (6-RING) and our original Revomaze sleeves?
    VAULTMAZE RETRACTABLE PIN SLEEVE (6-RING) contains a retractable pin, meaning you can open your maze in the traditional Revo way without getting locked in. It is specifically designed for testing the rings once they are assembled, to solve the puzzle blind for an added challenge. If any of the rings are in the wrong order, it means the sleeve can be removed at any time with the pin mechanism, without the fear of being locked in and damaging your sleeve. However, the original Revomaze sleeve requires the maze to be solved in order for the pin and maze to be removed. Please note, we do not advise using your own Revomaze sleeve with the VAULTMAZE cores with risk of getting locked in, which would result in your sleeve being damaged. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at
  • Do you continue to make Revomaze Puzzles?
    The Revomaze's have been reintroduced in V4, which uses inner components from our VAULTMAZE series. Please keep in mind that the maze is solid and has no rings; it will be provided assembled and with a sleeve, just like the originals. The advantage of this is that we can produce in-house and determine what puzzles we can make based on demand.
  • What is REVOMAZE Lite?
    The Revomaze Puzzles have been reimagined as the Lite puzzles. Designed by Christopher Pitt, a puzzle creator in the UK, less expensive and weighs only 150g. Ideal for children, our clientele, and our goal of reaching a wider age group for everyone to enjoy the puzzles. The initial pilot in the series, the Black Lite, will be challenging but not unreachable. The inner core will be anodised with the level's colour, and the outer sleeve will be black. A selected serial number will be engraved on the first limited edition 125 puzzle; no engravings will be present on the other puzzles (except for the 4 set - limited edition)
  • How do I turn the rings into a Revomaze?
    When you receive your 18-pack of rings, to turn them into a Revomaze, you have to figure out which rings marry to make up a maze. You do this by assembling them in the correct order, orientation, and position on the drawbar provided in the STARTER PACK. Once you believe they are in the correct positions, you can then proceed to try and solve it using the VAULTMAZE RETRACTABLE PIN SLEEVE (6-RING) or TESTING SLEEVE (6-RING) sold in our shop (not yet available) for some payment plans, you receive one or both of these packs. ​ DISCLAIMER: you can use your own Revomaze sleeve, but if you assemble the maze incorrectly, you can become locked in, and we would have to drill the sleeve. If you choose to do this, it is at your own discretion; we do not encourage or recommend this.
  • How can it be a Revomaze experience if you can see the maze?
    The original Revomaze experience was based on the blind element of solving the mazes, which provides a thrilling experience and stimulating challenge to our customer base who have kept the mazes protected over the years. VAULTMAZE is part of the same family, you must discover the mazes. It challenges you to find the right rings in the correct positions out of 6 to configure a maze; it's not easy and it gets increasingly harder, but it's a highly rewarding challenge for anyone who tries it; you see a pile of rings and discover the maze using the same skills to create a path for the pin to follow. ​ Once it is placed in the sleeve, it functions identically to the adored Revomaze. Or, if you prefer the original Revomaze experience, you could ask a friend or member of your family to put the rings together before you solve it. The route to get there is what differentiates the two puzzles.

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