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The Indigo V4 puzzle is a challenging and beautifully crafted addition to the advanced line-up, designed by Shane Seward, a very good friend of puzzle inventor Chris Pitt and a fantastic puzzle enthusiast. 


Indigo is the perfect next step for those who enjoy solving Bronze and Orange; it’s a very enjoyable puzzle to explore, and figuring out how it works will give you a great sense of accomplishment. It will offer wonderful mental exercise, hours and hours of worthwhile play, and a magnificent core; add it to your collection today...


Please note: the V4 operates the same as the V3, however it features the VAULTMAZE drawbar and certificate bar combo as well as a body and nut, it can all be made in-house except for the sleeves and it will be solved and reassembled just like the originals. 

Indigo V4 puzzle

SKU: 00009
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    • Released: 2015.
    • Level: advanced.
    • Rating: 85 / 100.
    • Average solve: 30 – 40 hours.
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