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Welcome to your V A U L T M A Z E quest...


Welcome newcomers to VAULTMAZE. First of all we would recommend researching REVOMAZE to see what the end product will look like once the rings are put together. VAULTMAZE is like a jigsaw puzzle, you can't see the picture when putting it together, until you have figured out what the picture will look like. It may sound easy, but the tricky part of this puzzle is putting the rings into the correct order, and working out the orientation it should be in.


Once the maze is built, you can then put it into a sleeve to open blind, this makes the challenge even greater. Remembering the maze even after seeing it will test your muscle memory and will provide a mind-stimulating activity.

The extra bonus of VAULTMAZE is the HEXDUKO. By arranging the wooden ring numbers, you will do this via the identification numbers on per ring. The trick is to put them into piles and organise them. Once you have worked out the technique and believe this is right, you have unlocked the VAULT-CODE, please contact us, and we will confirm or deny.

Opening the VAULT provides you access to the SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (18-RING) triple size of the original Revomaze and a mega challenge to open, provided as part of the payment plan, at no extra cost for our subscribers.


If you have any questions, please email us at or telephone us at +44 (0)1229 481293

Thank you


The STARTER PACK (maze 48) is the first maze in the VAULTMAZE series. It can be discussed and shared within the community. Please keep in mind that we would prefer to keep the remaining 18 mazes confidential in order to avoid spoilers for the competition.

Subscribers who are on the STANDARD payment plan will receive the maze numbers directly as and when the next packs are sent.

General tips for care and assembly:

To assemble your maze, we recommend stacking the pins as you go along one by one; tweezers may be preferable, on or off the maze body. Before tightening the grub screw, make sure the rings are aligned. The rings may have sharp edges, we'd advise wearing gloves when handling them, and small parts should be kept away from children. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience of creating your first maze in the series.



All VAULTMAZERS can join the competition, although it is not mandatory. Using your RevoRings, each one is engraved with a unique number, you must solve the HEXDUKO with your rings to solve the VAULT-CODE. It grants you access to the VAULT where a further exciting challenge awaits. 

You will be sent an opening coin with the opening position engraved, and your username added to the roll of honour which will be on the website. Your reward will include the SUPER GOLIATH PUZZLE (18-RING) already assembled for you to open blind. The best part is it's included in all plans.

Disclaimer: there are no additional purchases or fees once you are inside the VAULT.

Image by Vandan Patel

Site forum

Members can use our forum to discuss, ask questions, share tips, and simply enjoy being a part of the community.

Payment plan users can access special categories on the forum. Click on the button below to join the conversation... 

Care guide

A short but sweet guide on keeping your components in the best condition. Please contact us if you have any further questions, we would be more than glad to help.

VAULTMAZE case with rings


Your rings can be polished to make them appear extra shiny.

VAULTMAZE rings being held


As you collect more rings, we suggest grouping them into piles and labelling them with their unique numbers.

Assembled maze


Please be careful handling the rings because they could have sharp edges.



Place your assembled mazes on our display stand; this will keep them extra safe, though it will become very heavy if more mazes are added.

2mm pins


Small parts should be placed on a towel or in a small bag/pot provided.

Holding Revomaze Puzzle


If you wish, you can have a friend/family member build it for you, or you can solve it in a sleeve for an added challenge...

Cleaning tips

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