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Are you ready to take your puzzle-solving abilities to the next level? Look no further than our latest innovation: the VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring). This essential accessory is designed to enhance your puzzling experience by allowing you to solve puzzles like never before.


Designed specifically for the VAULTMAZE 6-ring core, our retractable pin mechanism ensures that your rings are in the correct order for a blind solve. No more worries about getting locked in or damaging your sleeve – it can be easily removed at any time.


Please note: the VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring) is included in all 3 payment plans with pack 1.

VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring)

SKU: 1120
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    • 1 x VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring)
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