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Our sleek and improved maze trainers, made and shipped from Revo UK, will improve your dexterity while relieving cramping caused by prolonged play. It is recommended that you solve puzzles for 30 minutes to 2 hours per day, with breaks in between.


The Revomaze's inventor, Chris Pitt, has provided a description of how the training tools operate below.


Chris says:


"The grub screw moves the plastic plunger onto the maze end, which is how it works. If you unscrew the trainer, it will remain firmly attached to the shaft. The Allen key is used to release the trainer when you want to undo it, which does not damage the maze and can be used again and again."


Our training aid works with both V1, V3 and V4 shafts. We have a wide variety of appealing colours to choose from, all of which are created in-house using our 3D printing machine.


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Training aid

SKU: 00028
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    • Made in 7 colours
      • Indigo
      • Black
      • Lime
      • Blue
      • Orange
      • Red
      • Indigo
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