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The STARTER PACK is an essential introduction to your VAULTMAZE quest. It is the key to opening the VAULT and being rewarded for your efforts. It includes everything you require to make your first metal maze, so you can get started right away. Furthermore, it explains the principle and lets you determine if you love building, assembling, and solving mazes with your sight. It'll provide a mind-stimulating exercise and a satisfying, fun challenge. It's the ideal way to become connected with the VAULTMAZE concept and challenge yourself and your family with lovingly made metal mazes. 


Challenge yourself with the VAULTMAZE RETRACTABLE PIN SLEEVE (6-RING) for a step-up in difficulty; despite seeing the maze with sight, it'll be a challenging yet fun experience to open.


Please keep in mind that the STARTER PACK can be discussed and shown in the community. We request that the remaining 18 mazes remain private for competition purposes.


SKU: 1010
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      • 6 x RevoRings
      • 1 x Start Ring
      • 1 x End Ring
      • 1 x Core Body
      • 1 x Core Nut
      • 1 x Drawbar
      • 1 x Certificate Bar
      • 1 x 1.5mm Hex Screwdriver
      • 10 x Maze Pins (2 spare)
      • 2 x Grub Screws
      • 1 x Pot (to store pins)
      • 1 x Thank you card
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