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STANDARD PAYMENT PLAN is designed for puzzle enthusiasts who will love discovering and assembling the 19 mazes. Perfect for REVOMAZE enthusiasts, included is a VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring) to open the mazes without sight, in addition to the TESTING SLEEVE (6-ring) which is ideal for confirming your rings are in the correct locations, as well as the HEXDUKO puzzle which is the key to unlocking the VAULT-CODE. Using the components in the STARTER PACK, you can make one maze core at a time.


The advantage of the ENHANCED COLLECTORS PLAN is that you have all the components to permanently make up all 19 maze cores, which is a considerable saving over buying the extra MAZE CORE PACKS. The MAZE CORE PACK will be available to purchase individually from January 2024. 


The three payment plans are an excellent way to save. With the STANDARD PLAN, it normally adds up to £805 saving you £549.98 over buying the individual packs (plus VAT, postage & packing).


Delivery notice of pack 1: we have begun sending pack 1 orders including the retractable pin sleeve to our subscribers. Please be aware that we are shipping in batches and tracking information will be sent on the day of shipment. I


If you haven't received tracking yet, please be assured we are working as fast as possible to ensure you receive yours soon. If there's anything we can do in the meantime, please contact us at


SKU: 1030
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£268.33every month for 3 months
      • 6 x RevoRings
      • 1 x Start ring
      • 1 x End ring
      • 1 x Core body
      • 1 x Core nut
      • 1 x Drawbar
      • 1 x Certificate bar
      • 1 x 1.5mm hex screwdriver
      • 10 x Maze pins (2 spare)
      • 2 x Grub screws
      • 1 x Pot (to store pins)
      • 1 x Thank you card
      • 18 x RevoRings
      • 3 x Start rings
      • 3 x End rings
      • 6 x Grub screws

    You will receive these extras in your payment plan.


    • 1 x VAULTMAZE retractable pin sleeve (6-ring) on month 2 **

    • 1 x HEXDUKO puzzle on month 3 **

    • 1 x TESTING SLEEVE (6-ring) on month 6 **

      ** As long as you keep to the payment plan.

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