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Introducing the REVOMAZE Lite - 8 Set + Pilot a new version of the Revomaze series brought to life by the puzzle inventor Chris Pitt. The pilot is described as a 'challenging' level rated 45 out of 100 on the Revo HQ difficulty scale. The aluminium sleeve will be anodised black and the core will be anodised the colour level, with a glossy and eye-catching finish. As well as introducing an further 8 puzzles these will be at various difficulty levels. Take a look at the 'What's included' section to find more information relating to the colours and levels. 


The newer designs are lighter, narrower in width, and less costly. The mazes use 2mm channels meaning there is more maze space however the walls are thicker allowing for greater pin movement. We are now able to machine and design these in-house, with the re-designed components, unlike ever before. With the help of our engineers, we will be able to make these at a cost-effective price freeing up time for us to continue the VAULTMAZE project. 


Update on the Lite colour range: we wanted to let you know that we have changed the original Fuschia to Orange. Following more discussion, we felt that the Fuschia would be too similar to Purple. (14/02/24)

Please note that the Tool Kit is not included in this set because it will be included with the first delivery of the REVOMAZE Lite - Black (Limited Edition)

REVOMAZE Lite - 8 Set + Pilot

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    • LEVEL 1  £40 (10/100)  AQUA STATIC - introductory level

    • LEVEL 2  £40 (20/100) BLUE  STATIC - easy level

    • LEVEL 3  £50 (30/100)  GREEN STATIC - beginner level

    • LEVEL 4  £50 (40/100) LIME STATIC - standard level

    • LEVEL 6 £60 (50/100) BLACK STATIC  (LIMITED EDITION) - intermediate level

    • LEVEL 8  £60 ​(60/100) ORANGE ​STATIC - upgraded level

    • LEVEL 10 £60 (70/100) RED STATIC - hard level

    • LEVEL 12​  £70 (80/100)  ​PURPLE -  very challenging

    • LEVEL 15  £80​ (100/100) ​ GOLD -  extreme level