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We're thrilled to introduce the Peach V4 puzzle to the collection, an intermediate puzzle that will add a new and exciting challenge to the Revomaze line-up. The team designed Peach, without Chris's aid in the Revomaze's 14-year history.


It is rated 70 out of 100 on the difficulty scale and takes 10 to 15 hours to complete. The puzzle’s design process began in March 2022, and it was announced in August 2022.


Peach V4 will take you on a thrilling adventure full of twists and turns; it can be described as a deceiving maze that provides a wonderful challenge. Our goal was to create a maze that would be appealing to our customers while also providing a mentally stimulating challenge that would test your dexterity, memory, and mapping skills. 


Peach is a fun twist on the traditional REVOMAZE you have solved, this puzzle will take you on an alluring and enticing adventure. Don’t miss the Peach adventure; take it on...


Special note: due to a certain attribute, Peach does not require any force.


An Allen key is supplied inside to undo the grub screw and retrieve your certificate, for an upgrade, the 1.3mm hex screwdriver is available to buy separately.


Please note: the V4 operates the same as the V3, however it features the VAULTMAZE drawbar and certificate bar combo as well as a body and nut, it can all be made in-house except for the sleeves and it will be solved and reassembled just like the originals. 

Peach V4 puzzle

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    1. 1 x Peach V4 puzzle.
    • Released: 2022.
    • Level: intermediate.
    • Rating:  70 – 100.
    • Average solve: 10 – 12 hours.
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