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The Mini V1 puzzle - aluminum Blue is so light and portable, perfect for taking with you anywhere. But wait, there's also a luxurious brass Blue edition that's heavier and even more impressive.


In 2019, the brass version was released, it's a must-try. The aluminum Blue is unbelievably lightweight at just 22g (100g including packaging material), while the brass version is twice as heavy.


Plus, we've improved the design so that the assembly is faster and you won't lose any tiny parts. Even though it's the standard Blue design, the puzzle's sensitivity is off the charts. And get this – the Revo mini is only one-third the size of the original REVOMAZE. It's so small and yet so challenging. 

Mini V1 puzzle - aluminium Blue

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    1. 1 x Mini V1 puzzle - aluminium Blue (BU)  please note, the mini isn't engraved with a number.
    • Released: 2013.
    • Level: introductory.
    • Rating: 50 / 100.
    • Average solve: 5 – 7 hours.
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