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Blue V1 serial number BU00001 was recently discovered in a box at Revo HQ and is the very first plastic one Chris Pitt made in 2009. The shaft is not removable and does not have ends on either side of the certificate hole. It was created to test the functionality of the plastic, and Chris made the changes shortly after this one. It's a highly unique and special puzzle that deserves to be re-homed with a new owner.


Please note: due to the age of the puzzle and sitting in a box, the black sleeve has minor dents that are only visible up close.


Blue V1 puzzle trivia:


The history of this Blue is what started the plastic series, also known as 'obsessions' as compared to metal 'extremes'. When the puzzle was printed on delrin material, it was discovered to be much tougher than expected, and the sleeve quality was a very glossy black, which was proven to be very well-liked. Another advantage is that the puzzle is very smooth to play. The idea behind the shaft being non-removable came from kids playing with the parts, and to prevent hazards, the pin was placed inside the sleeve to prevent this from happening.


The first black had no stickers on the ends to show what the different mazes were, but in the second version, a recess was added to the core so the sticker could go in and not move. The coloured sleeves were hard to have due to the high cost, but eventually we made them in Green, Blue, Red, and Black for the third version. The shaft could be removed in the second version, but there was no round sticker with a gold background on the front, which people preferred. Unlike the first version, it had ridges that allowed the maze to be removed. The round sticker, removable shaft, and coloured stickers on the ends were included in the third version. There were certificates with a unique number included so that players could register their puzzle on the Revomaze forum.


Update: the puzzle will come in a luxurious black box with a special certificate confirming it was the first Blue created. The original price has been returned, and once sold, there will be no more available for purchase because only a few were made in small quantities.

Blue V1 puzzle - 1st edition made

SKU: 00001
Excluding VAT
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    • x 1 Blue V1 puzzle (BU00001)
    • x 1 Luxury wooden case (black)
    • x 1 special certificate 
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